Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Yarning Place Disclaimer

It is expected that members of the yarning place will not send/post any messages that are obscene, racist, vulgar, sexually explicit, hateful, threatening, or that may in other ways violate any laws. All messages express the views of the author. The ideas, viewpoints, accuracy, and/or opinions expressed in the messages are not endorsed by the WA Sexual Health Network or our partner organisations, and we will not be held responsible for their content. We reserve the right to remove or edit inappropriate messages, but it is impossible for us to review all messages.

As a courtesy to others – and to protect yourself – please follow these guidelines when using any of our yarning place facilities.


  • Use a brief, clear and descriptive entry in the ‘subject’ line of messages.
  • Be sure the topic you are discussing is appropriate and relevant to that specific yarning place.
  • Do not send/post angry, critical or emotionally charged messages.
  • Do not use all capital letters in your messages. USING ALL CAPITALS IS THE EMAIL EQUIVALENT OF SHOUTING and is considered rude by some people (please excuse us for shouting!).
  • Do not use the yarning place to advertise your company, product or service for commercial gain.
  • Use humour and sarcasm sparingly. Humour in messages can easily be misinterpreted – remarks that you think are funny can come across as rude to others.

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